Why I am Choosing SOLO Taxonomy as my framework for Encouraging and Developing Independent Computational Thinking and/or Computer Science


As the importance of computer science increases, I believe more educators, school administrators, parents and students in NZ will be interested in understanding how it can be best delivered in NZ classrooms. The two methodologies that I compared in my previous Mindlab research assignment were Bloom’s and SOLO taxonomies







BLOOM’s taxonomy certainly seems to be more generally useful across a greater range of subjects (like the creative arts such as painting and sculpting) but SOLO seems particularly applicable in the ‘hard’ sciences like Mathematics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or my subject, Digital Technologies.


I have created a BLOG which I plan to use to keep my Target Communities updated about my progress and findings. This will hopefully highlight some of the benefits and challenges of my implementation of ‘EDICT’ in my classroom which will hopefully encourage other teachers and students using SOLO taxonomy (across all subjects) to join me in their own digital teaching journeys and experiences.


In this way we will learn together as a distinctly NZ educational community by refining our approaches together, collaborating on our research and justifying our new approach to our classroom learning through measuring our long-term effectiveness at delivering EDICT using SOLO in ways that this project will attempt to showcase.


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